About Us

Bringing the traditional goodness to you

Agri Farms invites you to experience the essence of tradition and goodness delivered right to your doorstep. Our mission is not merely to reminisce about the past but to bring those cherished memories to life in the present.

Nestled in the heart of Kerala, known as God’s own country, lies a treasure trove of rich culture and health-centric cuisine. Embracing Kerala's time-honored culinary heritage, Agri Farms sources organic fruits and vegetables from Farmers’ Societies across all districts of Kerala, distributing these nutritious offerings both across India and internationally. Through this endeavor, we not only provide access to authentic natural foods but also create employment opportunities directly for thousands and indirectly for many more.

For Kerala's traditional farmers, agriculture is akin to a sacred ritual—a form of prayer where the Earth is revered as the Divine Mother. Employing exclusively organic manure and biofertilizers, these custodians of the land abstain from chemical pesticides and other harmful products that jeopardize agricultural sustainability. As a result, the fruits and vegetables harvested from these farms are not only delectable but also highly beneficial for health.

Kerala's abundance of fruits is legendary, particularly the exquisite indigenous varieties of mangoes and jackfruits. Our repertoire of traditional dishes such as Mambazha Pudding, Chakka Ada, and Chakka Varattuyathu evoke nostalgia and remain unparalleled in taste. Agri Farms proudly delivers these native varieties of mangoes and jackfruits to your doorstep, offering you the chance to savor the authentic flavors of Kerala with sheer delight.

Recognizing milk as nature's ultimate complete food, we supply pure milk sourced directly from farmers in Kerala's rural villages. By choosing Agri Farms, you embrace an opportunity to relish the distinctive flavors of Kerala’s culinary heritage.

Indulge in the unparalleled taste of Kerala with Agri Farms—the epitome of tradition, health, and authenticity.

Organic Practices: Emphasis on organic farming techniques, avoiding synthetic chemicals and pesticides to maintain soil health and produce healthier crops.

Crop Diversity: Growing a variety of crops to promote biodiversity, reduce reliance on a single crop, and enhance the overall health of the farm ecosystem.

Sustainable Methods: Crop rotation, composting, water conservation in sustainable farming sustains productivity without degrading natural resources for long-term viability.

Technology Integration: Using modern tools like irrigation systems, precision agriculture, and machinery for efficient planting and harvesting in agricultural practices.

Environmental Conservation: Focus on environmental stewardship by protecting natural habitats, adopting eco-friendly practices, and minimizing the farm's ecological footprint.